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Posted by Arigatou
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Hello there!

I live in close to Kichijoji in Tokyo. I love eating out and enjoy going on short trips, learning about different cultures and studying Brithsh English. I've been abroad a few times, but I couldn't use English at all! I'm planning on going to the UK in the near future because my best friend lives there and I'd like to enjoy sightseeing and feel about the UK. When I was a student I didn't like studying English because I wasn't interested in "English" as just passing entrance exams. That why I had never thought that I would like studying English and be able to use it until I met my best friend Mr.J. Now, one of my dreams is to be a guide for foreign tourists in Japan.

I'd like to tell you about some of my favorite places in Japan, and hopefully give you some hints for your trip in 日本 (Japan).Basically, I write this blog and Mr.J helps my English. Anyway, thank you for finding my blog! Enjoy Japan!

Posted by Arigatou
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